Clojure is an exciting new language for the JVM. Clojure is a Lisp that runs on the JVM allowing for itegration with exciting Java applications and libraries. As functional library Clojure will have a huge impact in developing applications for the financial services arena.

Many analytical applications perform many calculations on huge data sets. These applications can be divided into functional components. Trouble, is doing this with existing application languages like Java is difficult. A language like Clojure though seems perfectly suited for a functional approach.

With this functional approach you get something even more important. The ability to run your application on multiple cores. Performing the work in parrallel increases your applications throughput.

As a technical leader, Beacon Hill sees the importance of Clojure and is already developing applications for this languages. For firms ready to embrace change use Clojure, Beacon Hill can be of help.

Clojure is a new programming language hosted on the JVM. In other words it runs where ever you have Java and can interact will all existing Java frameworks and libraries. In addition to being a functional language it supports an excellent concurrency model and we believe it will be used in many situations as a replacement for Java to provide more concise and easily maintained solutions.

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